Michael Peterson

We have a limited number of MOTE posters and Albert Falzon prints signed by Michael Peterson.


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"We are the measure of all things
And the beauty of our creation, of our art
is proportional to the beauty of ourselves
of our souls." Jonas Mekas

When we set out to make Morning of the Earth we had no idea what we were doing – things haven't changed.

I think it was in one of the Raiders of the Lost Ark films when Harrison Ford was in a situation and his girl asked him what they would do to get out of it, he replied, "Have no idea, I'm just making it up as I go" … That pretty much said it all about our approach to the filming of Morning of the Earth.

However, one thing was assured – we would make a film that was a reflection of the spirit of surfing at the time. Throw in the natural beauty of the north coast points and some exotic Asian waves and it would all work out fine. We were never too concerned about the destination, the journey seemed to take precedence. Once we set off up the coast anything could happen.

When we had enough footage we started editing in a small garage overlooking Whale Beach – with Tracks being produced in an apartment under the house and Frank Pithers working on Surfing World magazine in the house where I lived – it was pretty much a hive of surfing activity. Albie Thoms an underground film-maker from the city came on board to help with the editing. He was very much connected with a network of experimental film makers.

One weekend he came up to visit and asked me what I thought of the "We are the measure of all things…" quote – it was from an article on Jonas Mekas an underground film-maker from San Francisco – I thought it was great and somehow it just stayed with the film. It was a reflection of the mind-set of the day – and pretty much still holds true … we looked at surfing as an "art form" rather than a sport and wanted to capture the beauty and essence of that… It said exactly what we were trying to convey through the film.

We intend to revise and throw items of interest into the site. Since the MOTE Live performance in Sydney last year there's been more interest in t shirts. We've never really supplied any – a few low key attempts here and there. Over the next few months we will be adding shirts to the site. Might even get the Jonas Mekas quote on one or two of them. The DVD and other items of interest will also be available – check out the photo gallery.

About three months back I got a call from Steve Kulak, he owns a few really great book/music stores in Sydney and Melbourne. He's been on my case for the past three years to do a Morning of the Earth box set. For one reason or another - pretty much because the surf was cracking we never got it together.

Anyhow he called and introduced me to his seven year old son Django – who surfs … before he said hallo he started singing "Sea the swells" … he knew the lyrics off by heart – said that Morning of the Earth was his favorite movie.

That sealed it for me – we're doing the box set. It includes a book and another DVD – a compilation of short films made over the past few years – titled The Point of Light it will also feature a few of the short films screened at the Morning of the Earth Live concert. Hannah Fraser's mermaid film along with a sequence from Liquid Time by Monty Webber and some insane barrel footage by Dave Rastovitch from his film "Life like Liquid" - I am totally stoked to have these films included on the DVD. Some of the other pieces are films that i've put together ......there will be a little booklet alongside as well.

Anyhow that's pretty much it.......thanks so much for all your support with the film.....it's still got a good vibe and the concert's are a real buzz.


Michael Peterson cutback - print