Morning of the Earth – The Book
212 pages, signed by Albert Falzon 

A limited number of these books are still available and they will not be reprinted.

Morning of the Earth was made to show the beauty of the ocean and surfing. To capture the spirit of surfers in nature. It's a window into the soul of surfers at a period in time that will never come again. To drive up the north coast on a winter morning pushed along by a cool sou'westerly knowing that there was a new groundswell with lines matching to the horizon was as good as life could get. The sense of freedom and lightness was beyond joy. Without a care in the world we just went surfing on empty beaches. It was a great time to be alive and the memories shared will never disappear. Always a great sense of laughter prevailed, whether it was with Nat on his farm or Baddy and Stephen at Angourie or with Chris Brock in his treehouse. To share those times with Nat, Terry, Stephen, Baddy and Michael and so many other surfers remains to this day some of my most fun filled times. I was fortunate to film them surfing and living their simple lives.

Others surfers who made a great contribution to the film were Mark Warren, Rusty Miller and in Hawaii Gerry Lopez and Barry Kaniapuni. There are so many people along the way who have been more than supportive. Tanya Binning was there in the beginning, David Elfick who along with G. Wayne Thomas gathered together some of the most talented musicians of the time to create an incredible original soundtrack for the film that to this day remains a classic showcase for Australian music. To Kim "Fly" Bradley and Steve Otten who took the film on the road and showed it in town halls, cinemas and wherever else they could.

There have been moments when I would be out in the water surfing and someone who I'd never seen before would paddle by and just thank me for making Morning of the Earth – years after its release. To all those who shared in the experience and to the audiences who view the film I can never thank you enough. Your joy is my reward.

I would also like to acknowledge Jeff Hornbaker whose generousity is beyond words. Andrew Kidman for his love and kind words. To Frank Pithers for our enduring friendship and laughter. G.Wayne Thomas, Peter Howe, John J. Francis, Brian Cadd, Terry Hannigan, Tim Gaze and Lindsay Bjerre for writing lyrics that are as poignant today as they were when the film was released. And to all the band members who supported them with their musical talent – I thank you. To Neil Ridgeway, Sean Doherty, Jack Bailey and the Tracks team for publishing and making this book possible......To Neil Christopher, a voice at the other end of the phone for his selflessness in creating the Morning of the Earth website. To Jack McCoy, Jon Russell. Dick Hoole, Warren Delbridge, Graeme Davey and brother Mark – thank you. I would especially like to give thanks to Bob Evans, who set me on the path and whose passing at a young age was a great loss to Australian surfing. To all the photographers and creative friends whom I've had the good fortune to share their work with – thank you.

I sincerely hope that this book carries the spirit of the film and keeps alive the flame of the soul in surfing. When it's all said and done, what else is there.

Keep surfing.
Love and blessings
Albert Falzon

212 pages

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