Albert Falzon





Albert Falzon, film-maker,
has always appreciated the power of music in his films.
His inaugural feature film "Morning of the Earth"
was the first Australian film
to receive a gold record for album sales.
His entry in the Cannes Film Festival
"Crystal Voyager" featured music from Pink Floyd,
Talking Heads and Brian Eno accompanied
an Indian Saddhu's pilgrimage in "Same as it ever Was".
Falzon's career in film making
was a natural progression from international still photography,
and later combined with magazine publishing,
in Australia, Israel and the island of Bali in Indonesia.
He was co-founder and publisher of the surfing newspaper Tracks.
His perceptive and sensitive photographic eye
almost suggests that he was born with a camera in it.
A penchant for travel,
particularly to remote and spectacular regions of the world
has had a major influence on the themes of Falzon's work.
A six part documentary series
focused on traditional Festivals in such Far Eastern countries
as Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Ladakh and Tibet
and has sold to over eighty countries world-wide.
The significance of filming some of these regions is only evident today
with the political closing of Tibet and Burma to travellers
and the civil strife in Sri Lanka and Kashmir.
And not all locations were easily accessible.
The journey through Tibet to the mystical mountain of Kailas
was an arduous two weeks in sub zero temperatures,
there the film crew recorded for the very first time
the sacred Wesak Festival.